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Presentations have been made at provincial, national, and international conferences, describing our evaluation framework and some of the initial field-testing that has been done. These have been received enthusiastically and it seems to us that people in the field are eager to embrace the ideas and try to implement them in their work settings.

About Us

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The Canadian Research Working Group for Evidence-Based Practice in Career Development (CRWG) was formed to address two important issues in the field of career development:

  • Strengthen the overall evidence-base for career development practice with an emphasis on both informing policy and building a evaluation culture in the sector;
  • Increase pan-Canadian and international sharing of research and promising practices, with an emphasis on sharing French and English research.

The CRWG has an ambitious research and development agenda to create an effective and accurate framework for measuring the impact of career services. To date the CRWG has completed a pan-Canadian study on the current state of practice in measuring career service impact, conducted research on the short and medium term outcomes of career development programs in Canadian workplaces as well as the impact of labour market information on career decision making and job search outcomes. Through this work, the CRWG has developed an evaluation framework, evaluation tools, research reports, fact sheets on what the evidence shows to date, several career programs in small to medium sized businesses and self-managed labour market information guides.

CRWG members contribute to professional journals, to professional conferences nationally and internationally and to the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy. CRWG members have forged research alliances with researchers in Finland, the United Kingdom, USA and Australia to advance the evidence base further.