Canadian Research Working Group

Research at Work...

Presentations have been made at provincial, national, and international conferences, describing our evaluation framework and some of the initial field-testing that has been done. These have been received enthusiastically and it seems to us that people in the field are eager to embrace the ideas and try to implement them in their work settings.

Other Initiatives

The following are other initiatives taking place to build the evidence base that are not projects of the CRWG.

Quality Standards

  • Report soon to be released by the Career Development Services Working Group of the Forum of Labour Market Ministers (CDSWG) titled “Quality Standards in Career Development Services: A Canadian “Snapshot” and an International Perspective” (link to come), authored by Lynne Bezanson, CCDF and Dr. Peter Plante, Denmark. The report provides some interesting and innovative examples of approaches to outcome measurement as one component of quality standards.

International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy

Visit the ICCDPP for:

  • a listing of current articles and reports on Evidence and Impact: Careers and Guidance-Related Interventions
  • following the forum on “Prove it Works” , theme 2 at the 2009 International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy held in New Zealand. Participating countries are Finland, the UK, USA and Australia with Canada taking the lead (Dr. Bryan Hiebert, CRWG and University of Victoria and Sareena Hopkins, CCDF).