Canadian Research Working Group

Research at Work...

Presentations have been made at provincial, national, and international conferences, describing our evaluation framework and some of the initial field-testing that has been done. These have been received enthusiastically and it seems to us that people in the field are eager to embrace the ideas and try to implement them in their work settings.

Research Projects

The CRWG undertakes projects to advance the evidence base for the impacts of career development programs and services. In the past five years, the group has completed a number of significant projects including a pan-Canadian study of “The State of Practice in Canada in Measuring Career Service Impact” (2005); Meeting Workplace Skills Needs: The Career Development Contribution (2007-2010) which developed and measured the impacts of three distinct career development programs in Canadian workplaces; and “Assessing the Impact of LMI on Career Decision Making” (2009-2011), a research partnership with employment services offices in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. The group is currently (winter, 2010) launching a Common Indicators Project to develop a comprehensive career development database including learning, attribute and impact outcomes.