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Research at Work...

Presentations have been made at provincial, national, and international conferences, describing our evaluation framework and some of the initial field-testing that has been done. These have been received enthusiastically and it seems to us that people in the field are eager to embrace the ideas and try to implement them in their work settings.

State of Practice

“You haven’t made the case for the impact and value of career development services.”

This is what policy makers told the Career Development Community at the end of the PanCanadian Symposium on Lifelong Learning, Career Development and Workforce Development in November 2003. As a first step in developing an evaluation framework for measuring the outcomes of career development intervention, the CRWG undertook a research project focused on the state of evaluation practices in career development services in Canada. Practitioners, agencies, policy makers and employers were surveyed and interviewed on the importance of evaluation, the extent of evaluation practices, the types of outcomes identified and/or reported and the types of outcomes desired but not reported. The research report,“The State of Practice in Canada in Measuring Career Service Impact: A CRWG Report” by principal researchers Dr.Kris Magnusson and Dr. Vivian Lalande (Canadian Career Development Foundation) delineates the findings.