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Presentations have been made at provincial, national, and international conferences, describing our evaluation framework and some of the initial field-testing that has been done. These have been received enthusiastically and it seems to us that people in the field are eager to embrace the ideas and try to implement them in their work settings.

Meeting Workplace Skills

The Career Development Contribution

In 2007, the CRWG received funding from Human Resources and Skill Development Canada under the Workplace Skills Initiative for a three year research project to develop and evaluate the impacts of career development programs on employees in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Career development programs are traditionally not widely used in SMEs or in Canadian workplaces more broadly. This study was to explore the impacts of innovative career development programs as human resource tools and the benefits to both employees and to the SMEs themselves. As part of this project, members of the CRWG conducted extensive research of the situation and career development needs of SME employees and developed and evaluated of the impact of three career development programs. Employees in the study were followed for 3 and 6 months in the case of two of the programs and for 3, 6 and 12 months in a third program. The three programs were:

Reports Published under the Project